Privacy & Cookie Policy

1. In General

This current website is the e-commerce store for sale products online (Gym Equipment) of the company under the name “Anastasios Efremidis “and with the distinctive title” HUMAN STORE “based in Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Street number 61, 546 23 and is legally represented with VAT Reg. No 059419813. D ‘Thessaloniki, tel. 231 023 4230 and e-mail address [email protected]

The use of our web pages and the services provided to the visitor on the site owned by the company, requires your agreement with the Privacy Policy of this site. Therefore, the visitor must carefully read the contents of this page before using the services of our website. If he does not agree, he must leave this website and NEVER make use any of its services or content.

This privacy policy may change from time to time according the relevant legislation. We will not explicitly notify our customers or our site’s users about these changes. Instead, we recommend you to occasionally visit this page for any changes to this privacy policy. The continued use of the website even after any changes to the Privacy Policy implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms by you.

2. Website Use

Before entering our web pages, we advise you to read these Privacy & Transaction Policies provided to the visitor on the site owned by the company, and assure that you agree with them. If you disagree with any section of the policies, you must leave this website and NEVER make use any of its services or content.

Each User is free to make use of the site in accordance with the law and morality. The responsibility for the contents of the transactions lies solely with the User. THE COMPANY does not exercise any kind of correction or interference with the data transferred by the User. The use of the site is subject to Greek, European and International laws and the User agrees not to use our site in order to violate these laws.

Every user, who will buys products through this website is available and attributed that he meets the legal requirements for the completion of the contract and that he is an ADULT.

Any user who enters and trades in our online store or makes use of our online store services, such as browsing it, subscribing to our business newsletter or purchasing our products is considered to consent and unconditionally accepts these Terms of Use and transactions formulated here, without any exception.

3. Information

The company is committed to the truth, accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the online store regarding the identity and details of both the company and its suppliers as well as the main features of its products or services through of the online store. Human Store reserves the right and does not bind to any technical or typographical mistakes made by mistake, misconduct or due to reasons of force majeure and which it accepts to correct if they become aware of it. The company makes every effort to provide high quality services but cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors. In the context of its transactions through the online store informs the Customer on the basis of the availability or non-availability of the products at any time and can in no way guarantee the availability of the products. In any case the company undertakes to inform the Customer in good time via e-mail about the non-availability, so in this case it has no further liability.

4. Disclaimer of Business Liability

a. The use of this Website and any of your transactions in our online store is at your sole risk. It is expressly agreed that the Company is not responsible for any damage or loss, suffered by the user or any third party, due to improper compliance with the terms of use of the website by the user or for reasons related to the operation, use of the website or failure the provision of services or products or information made available by it or by any unauthorized interference by third parties on products, services or information made available through it.

b. The Company is not responsible and is not obliged to compensate for any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, non-execution or delay in their execution, for any reason not due to its own fault. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs based on the observed data about the availability or not of the interested customer and undertakes in case of change of these data, to inform the customers in time about the non-availability in which case bears no further responsibility.

c. The Company makes reasonable efforts to maintain and make available its content. However, the Company points out that the website may display technical errors with a direct result in the way of presenting the contents (photos, prices, texts, etc.) for reasons that it does not have responsibility and promises to make an effort to resolve these issues, for faster recovery. It is expressly agreed that the Company is not responsible to the user if for any reason the website is not available at a given time or for any period of time.

d. Hyperlinks. The Website may contain hyperlinks and links to other websites. The Company expressly declares that it does not bear any responsibility for the content of the above websites, which are governed by their own terms of use which the User must read carefully before browsing in any of them.

5. Intellectual property rights

All content displayed in the online store, including badges, images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, etc. are the intellectual / industrial property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or intellectual / industrial property of third parties. It is forbidden to copy, transfer or create a derivative work based on this content or mislead the public about the actual provider of the online store. Reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, dissemination, transmission or any other use of the content in any way or commercial use or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Company or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and badges listed and describing the online store under the trademark or the products or services of the Company or third parties, are assets of the Company or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the online store does not in any case provide a license or right to use them by third parties.

6. User Responsibility

The user/customer agrees and undertakes to use the services, information and data of the online store as provided by law and based on the rules of good faith and transactional ethics.

It is obliged not to use the online store with the trademark for: 1. sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or transmission by other means of any content that is illegal for any reason, causes illegal insult and damage to the Company or to any third party either infringing on the confidentiality or confidentiality of any person 2. sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or transmitting in other ways any content that offends users’ morals, social values, non-adults, etc. 3. sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content for which users do not have the right to transmit in accordance with the law or applicable contracts (such as inside information, property and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), 4. sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary right of any kind, 5. sending, publishing, sending by e- mail or otherwise transmit any hardware that contains software viruses or any other coding files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, corrupt, or equip any computer software or hardware, 6. intentional or unintentional violation of applicable laws or regulations, 7. harassment of third parties in any way, 8. collection or storage of personal data about other users.

Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance

Privacy and Protection of personal data

We collect and process your personal data only when it is absolutely necessary.

We will never sell, rent, distribute, or publicize in any way your personal data, except where it is absolutely required.

Along with our company’s internal IT systems, this site is designed to comply with the following laws/regulations regarding the protection of user’s personal data:

EU Data Protection Directive (DPD of year 1995)

Regulation on general EU data protection (GDPR of year 2018)

Personal information collected by this site and why we collect it

This site collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

Invoicing / financial information

In case you purchase any of our services / products, we will keep in our database the information necessary for the invoicing, such as name, address, email, phone number, vat id, etc. We will contact you in cases involving payment of services / products, invoice balances, recurring charges, offers about our products etc, via e-mail, sms or by phone. All data transferred via email is protected by a TLS / SSL security protocol.


The Company guarantees that it has taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all User data. The Company for the operation of the online store uses and constantly upgrades the systems required for the safe and proper operation of the store and constantly monitors the reliability and effectiveness of the security systems. Indicatively, it uses a system of backups, protection, protection against viruses, protection against malicious actions, etc.

An SSL certificate has been installed for the Security of the User, which ensures the security of the User’s data while navigating the website.

Discipline Codes

Our Company complies with the Code of Ethics of the Greek eCommerce Association (Greek eCommerceAssociation- GRECA) which sets out the minimum rules of professional ethics and ethical behavior, which must be observed both towards the consumer and also, between the various companies selling products / via digital channels.

Website traffic monitoring

Like most sites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user activity. We use this data to determine the number of our site visitors to better understand how they find, navigate and use our web pages. Although GA records data such as your geographic location, your device, your web browser, and your operating system, none of this information identify you personally to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address, which could be used to identify you, but Google does not provide us access to that. We believe that Google is a third data processor that is compliant with the requirements of European legislation.

Contact forms and e-mail links

If you choose to contact us using a contact form or an email link, none of the data you provide will be stored to our site or transferred or processed by any third party data processor as defined below in the section «Our third-party data processors». Instead, these data will be sent to us via an SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Our SMTP servers are protected by a TLS/SSL security protocol, meaning that email content is encrypted before being sent over the Internet. The content of the email is decrypted by our local computers and devices.


If you choose to subscribe in our newsletter, the email address you submit will be forwarded to Mailchimp which manages our e-mail marketing services. Mailchimp is a third-party data processor. Your e-mail address will not be stored in any of our databases. Your e-mail address will remain in the Mailchimp database for as long as we continue to use our e-mail marketing services or until you explicitly request to be removed from the mailing list. You can do, using the delete link contained in all the email newsletters we send you.

As long as your e-mail address remains in the Mailchimp database, you will receive periodic e-mail newsletters from us regarding offers, new product or services etc.

Advertising Campaigns

Third party vendors, including Google, can show our ads on websites. For this reason, cookies can be used to update, optimize, and display ads based on a previous user’s visit to our site, as well as for Remarketing. You may also opt out of the use of such cookies by third-party vendors, from your web browser settings.

About Cookies

What is a cookie?

The term «cookie» refers to a small data file consisting solely of a set of text information that the site transmits to the web browser on your computer’s hard disk, either temporarily throughout your visit , or sometimes for longer periods, depending on the type of cookie. Cookies perform different operations (for example, you are distinguished from other site’s visitors or remember certain info for you like your preferences) and are used by most websites to improve your user experience.

Every time you visit our website, you will be asked to accept or reject the cookies policy.

Your consent allows the site to memorize your preferences (such as username, language, etc.) for a period of time. This way, you do not have to re-enter them when you browse the site during the same visit.

Cookies may also be used to collect anonymous statistics about our browsing experience.

Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains some anonymous information. A cookie usually contains the name of the field from which the cookie originated, the “lifetime” of the cookie as well as a value (usually in the form of a randomly generated unique number).

Types of cookies

Our website uses 3 types of cookies in order to:

  • Save visitors’ preferences
  • Improve the functionality of our website
  • Data Collection Analysis (on user behavior)

Session cookies

These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your device’s browser only during your visit and are deleted when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies

These remain in the cookie file of your device’s browser even after the browser closes, sometimes for one year or more (the exact length of stay depends on the lifetime of each cookie). Permanent cookies are used when the site administrator may need to know who you are for more than one visit (e.g., to remember your username or your site configuration preferences).

First-party cookies

These are cookies installed on your browser and/or hard drive of your device from the site you are visiting. This includes assigning a unique ID to you, in order to monitor your site navigation. Site creators often use first-party cookies to handle visits and for identification purposes.

Third-party cookies

These are cookies used by third parties, such as social networks to track your visits to the various sites they advertise. The site administrator has no control over these third-party cookies.

Cookies on this site and how to manage them

On this site, we use cookies to improve your user experience. Site functionality will be significantly affected if you disable or disagree with the use of cookies.

About this website’s web server

All web traffic (file transfer) between this site and your browser is encrypted and transferred via the HTTPS protocol using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Our servers, in order to ensure the smooth and secure operation of our services, record the user’s ip and, in case of failed connections, the username e, in log files through security systems (firewalls, ddos filters, http filters, sql injection filters, visit statistics, cloudflare services) and backup. All of the above data is kept for short periods on our servers with modern security protocols so only authorized personnel can access them and only in cases to avoid malicious actions.

Third-party personal data processors

We use a number of third parties to process personal data for us (for example datacenter services, hosting services, backup services, payment gateways, shipping companies, marketing services etc). These Third-party personal data processors have been carefully selected to comply with the legislation mentioned in this document.

Data breaches

For any of your personal information stored in our database, all necessary action will be taken to be secure as possible.

We will report any unlawful violation of our database or any third party data processing database to all relevant stakeholders as well as authorities within 72 hours of the violation, if it is obvious that the personal data stored in recognizable form, have been stolen.

Access to information

For any personal information that is stored in our database, you have the right to access, correct or delete them. You can get information about this and its limitations by contacting us.

Contact Information

For any question or complaint from the application of all the contents in this website terms of use, the User can contact through phone at 231 023 4230 or via email at [email protected].