ALL you need to know ABOUT US

The Human micro gym expresses our love for fitness, fashion, design and disco culture.
We are two women who, together, count over 45 years of experience in the field of fitness. All these years we have used dozens of fitness tools. Some of these tools were mediocre in quality, some just good and some were really very good.
But all the these years we had that feeling that most of these tools were made without aesthetics, without humor, without fun.
So we decided to create a functional sports equipment that will not only been useful but it will be also characterised, in a way, from an art touch.
To succeed, we researched the market, ordered materials, explored trends, experimented, collaborated.
We tried, we failed, we were disappointed, we were inspired again, we retried.
We were absolutelly interested in our equipment to have finesse, special designs and colors and been made of environmentally friendly and user friendly materials.
We reduced the artificial materials as much as possible and replaced them with natural ecological materials that do not injure, do not irritate the skin, do not hurt the environment.
So we made a lightweight, limited edition, friendly, sports equipment, extremely durable, that is transported everywhere, easily cleaned and disinfected without being damaged.
At the same time we created an extra limited series of custom clothes: jerseys and leggings.
Greek artists and designers signed the design of our clothes.
The production was assigned to a custom company that specializes in production of high quality sportswear.
The intense designs, slogans which focused on human are their main feature.
We wear them in the gym and our mood rises to the Sky.
We move around wearing them and they hardly go unnoticed.
The Human micro gym is a fitness point of view!
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Human micro gym is our new baby.

Born in Thessaloniki, by two women who work in fitness field with a combined experience of 45 years. They both have a great passion for gym equipment and sport fashion and together they have created some of the most well-known gym equipment products which are awarded in Greece.

Our main goal was, and still is, to create a very light and durable gym equipment, which can be easily carried anywhere.

To achieve this, we did our market research, tested several materials, explored trends, designed and experimented with graphic patterns.

We tried, we failed, we were disappointed, we were inspired again and we tried more.

We successfully created durable and light fitness equipment focused on our main key factors, elegance and the aesthetic of every piece, since we believe that when you love what you do, you can do it better. Mostly important for our products is the materials used, which are eco-friendly and perfectly safe for the skin, in order to prevent any injuries and irritation. All of our products are easily cleaned and purified when needed.

Based on the above, Human store also designed an ultra-limited series of Tank Tops, because we strongly believe that when feel nice and comfortable in your workout outfit, your effort becomes limitless.

Feel powerful in our funky sportswear collection, which is exclusively designed from local Greek artists and it is custom made in specialized sportswear manufacturers.

Every piece of fashion and equipment is carefully designed with passion and esthetic that represents HUMAN STORE philosophy.

We demand everything from us, to offer you only the best.


human-store-lets meet-team.jpg